Jefferson-Lewis SCOPE Chapter will be represented at the Jefferson County Fair

Jefferson County Fair Administrators relent- Jefferson-Lewis SCOPE Chapter will be represented at the Jefferson County Fair

By Dave Petteys, Vice Chair Jefferson-Lewis SCOPE


This is to notify the general membership of SCOPE  that in 2016 the Jefferson County Fair Administration conducted a running battle with our Jefferson-Lewis SCOPE Chapter during the 2016 Fair Season and refused to grant us a vendor’s slot claiming we were not welcome at the Fair because of what we were and what we represented. They cited that the issue of guns being too  controversial for a County Fair venue and implied we were only there to market guns. Throughout the remainder of 2016 we lobbied and made a lot of noise in the press and recently reapplied for the 2017 Fair venue. As a result of our chapter’s dedication, hard work and perseverance, the Fair board has relented and will permit us to participate as a vendor at the nearly weeklong event. Our treasurer, Mark Houghtaling did a wonderful job of shepherding our application through a minefield of bureaucracy to deliver a win for our chapter and for the 2nd amendment rights of all Jefferson County residents.

A second issue of concern to Jefferson-Lewis SCOPE was a recent letter from the Rotary International Organization claiming that the International Organization could not any longer support activities involving firearms. This was a head turner for us because the Gun Show in Clayton NY,  which we always participate in, is hosted by the local Clayton Rotary which is a subset of Rotary International. Mark’s letter clarifies the position of the Clayton Gun Show promoters and is very welcome news for our Chapter.

So, two kudos to SCOPE’s Jefferson-Lewis’s Chapter and our newly elected Treasurer,  Mark Houghtaling. We are lucky to have him and he serves as a model all SCOPE members should strive to be like. Mark is an action oriented guy and believes that each of us must push the limits if we want to preserve our rights.  Remember, It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease so always hold your ground and do not back down.

So here is Mark’s letter to our Chapter Core group which reads as follows:

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my distinct privilege to inform you that I received an email from Jeff Wise, the Fair Concessions Manager, stating that we have been approved to attend the Fair.  Furthermore, they have granted permission to conduct a firearms raffle, as long as no firearms are present.  I have the contract and will get it filled out.  The cost will be $150 for the double space I requested (10’x20′).  We will also need to provide a liability insurance form in the amount of $1M.

I will get signup sheets ready and bring them to the meetings.  We need a bunch of people to fill the time slots.

Additionally, I contacted the Rotary in Clayton concerning the August gun show.  That show WILL go on as planned.  They have thumbed their nose (so to speak) at the International Office.  The man I wrote to is a life NRA member and active in 2nd Amendment activities



Mark Houghtaling, Treasurer Jefferson Lewis SCOPE”

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