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ALBANY, N.Y. — A New York State Senate committee rejected Monday a bill that would make it a crime to fail to safely store a firearm.In a party line vote, the Senate codes committee voted down the proposed Children’s Weapon Accident Prevention Act, which would make it a felony if a gun owner fails to safely store a loaded weapon and the gun is used by a child under 18 to kill or injure a child.The bill also would have made it a less serious violation for a gun owner to fail to lock up a weapon or disable it with a trigger lock when the firearm is not in their immediate possession or control.

Source: NY State Senate committee votes down gun control bill | syracuse.com


Action Alert – 3/27/16


On Tuesday, 29 March, 2016 at 11:00 am in room 630 of the LOB, the Codes Committee will take up for discussion, in addition to A02391 I sent out earlier today, another 8 firearm legislation bills. See below for bill numbers and their summation.

The Jefferson – Lewis Chapter of S.C.O.P.E. recommends that members call the members of the Assembly Codes Committee and their Assembly representative and let them know your position on these bills.

One bill (A06524) is sponsored by Assemblyman Blankenbush from Lewis County.  His bill calls for amending the penal law in relation to pistol permit applications for military personnel to be acted upon within 90 days).
1.  A03619 – creates a process for the issuance of a temporary permit to carry or possess a firearm for persons who are not residents of NYS; provides an affirmative defense to possession of a loaded firearm by certain persons/provides for reciprocity for persons licensed in other states.
2.  A03730 – An act to amend the penal law in relation to authorizing the transfer of certain weapons from an estate to an immediate family member of the decedent’s family.  SCOPE supports this bill.
3.  A04061 – An act  to amend the penal law in relation to increasing penalties for criminal use of a firearm in the first degree when committing a drug related felony offense.
4.  A05498 – an act to repeal certain provisions of chapter 1 of the laws of 2013 amending the criminal procedure law and other laws relating to the suspension and revocation of firearms  licenses. SCOPE supports this bill.
5.  A05703 – An act to amend the penal law in relation to permitting active duty, off duty or retired law enforcement officers to possess a firearm on school grounds, and to permit such officers to carry more than 7 rounds of ammunition.   This bill as no same as bill.
6.  A06220 – Provides that restrictions regarding the carrying of concealed weapons and licenses therefore shall be by statue only.  This bill as a same as Senate bill of S02614-A.  SCOPE supports this bill.
7.  A06524 – An act to amend the penal law in relation to pistol permit applications for military personnel, to act upon within 90 days).  THIS BILL IS SPONSORED BY ASSEMBLYMAN BLANKENBUSH.  SCOPE supports this bill.

Call to Action – 2016-03-17

Action Alert from SCOPE!

This is an Action Alert from SCOPE asking you to invest a few minutes and make your voice heard.

SCOPE is calling for a A National Day of Prayer for the Justices of the United States Supreme Court on Thursday March 17th which is also St Patricks Day.
It is a very simple request and most takd up much of your time.

Activities can be expanded to include the ringing of church bells and the sounding of the municipal fire department alarms.

The date of March 17, 2016 was chosen because on this date all Briefs Amicus Curiae are due to be submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court in support of the Plaintiffs in the case of June Shew, et al. vs. Dannel P. Malloy, Governor of Connecticut, et al. The Plaintiffs have filed a Petition for Certiorari, asking the nation’s high court to accept and conduct an appellate review of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals decision that upheld a statewide gun control statute that stole fundamental Second Amendment freedoms and undermined civil liberties. Similar statutes have and are being fought in the federal courts under Friedman v. City of Highland Park (IL) and Kolbe v. Hogan(MD). A similar statute is also found in NY.

In this day and age can we count on you and will you pass this simple request on to others in your social network?

Thanks again for your time and thank you for joining SCOPE.