In The Crosshairs: A02260

TITLE OF BILL:  An act to amend the insurance law, in relation to
requiring owners of firearms to obtain liability insurance
To amend the insurance law, to require firearm owners, prior to such
ownership, to obtain and continuously maintain a policy of liability
insurance to cover any damages resulting from the use of such firearm.

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In The Crosshairs: A06140

SPONSOR: Butler (MS)
TITLE OF BILL:  An act to amend the criminal procedure law, the family
court act, the domestic relations law, the general business law, the
judiciary law, the mental hygiene law, the penal law and the surrogate's
court procedure act, in relation to limiting the application of certain
provisions of law relating to firearms to the counties of Kings, Queens,
Richmond, New York and Bronx; and to repeal section 400.02 of the penal
law relating to the statewide license and record database

This bill seeks to reestablish the rights of law abiding citizens' in
rural and suburban areas of the state by limiting the application of the
SAFE Act to Kings, Queens, Richmond, New York, and the Bronx

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Gorsuch to Feinstein: Heller is the Law of the Land – The Truth About Guns


At his confirmation hearing today, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch declared that D.C. v. Heller was the law of the land and that he would apply and enforce that decision if confirmed.“Whatever’s in Heller is the law,” he replied to questions about the Second Amendment from Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) “And my job is to apply and enforce the law.”Senator Feinstein, who has a rather restrictive view of enumerated rights such as freedom of the press and the right to keep and bear arms, tried to bait Judge Gorsuch into supporting her agenda. The Judge, however, didn’t play along.

Source: Gorsuch to Feinstein: Heller is the Law of the Land – The Truth About Guns